Get Better Audio With Azden's +20dB Booster

The Problem

Compact cameras, such as handheld camcorders, mirrorless cameras or even high-end digital SLR cameras are notoriously equipped with low-quality, noisy microphone preamps. The reason is that camera manufactures naturally put most of their production dollars into photo and video capabilities and not so much into the audio capabilities.

What Does A Low Quality Preamp Sound Like?

Poor quality preamps have a high inherent noise level, called a noise floor. When the gain level of the camera’s preamp is low, this noise floor is also low and not very noticeable. But when the gain is turned up, the noise floor is increased with it, and the noise becomes very noticeable; often described as a “hiss” or “white noise."


What Is A Preamp?

On a compact camera such as a DSLR, the preamp is the external microphone input (usually a mini-jack stereo input). The job of the preamp is to amplify the audio coming from the microphone so that it is audible in your video recording. In many cases, the amount of amplification, or gain level, can be adjusted in the camera’s settings.        

How Azden's +20dB Gain Boost Solves The Noise Problem

The trick to avoid adding noise to your recording is to keep the preamp’s level low. But if your microphone does not give you a strong level, then you have no choice but to crank up the preamp and add noise to your recording.

Azden’s +20dB gain booster helps to solve this problem by increasing the output level of the microphone so that you can leave the noisy camera preamp set low. The result is much less noise in your audio track and a higher quality video overall.

Azden Microphones Equipped With The +20dB Booster

Check Out The New SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Switchable Video Microphone

Aside from being both a stereo and a shotgun microphone all-in-one, which is an incredible feature on its own, the SMX-30 also has a +20dB gain boost to deliver a high quality audio signal to your camera. The SMX-30 uses the same high performance microphone element as the SGM-250 and is capable of capturing broadcast quality sound with a DSLR camera.

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Check Out The New SMX-15 Powered Shotgun Video Microphone

The SMX-15 is the shotgun only version of the SMX-30. Equal in craftsmanship and performance, the SMX-15 also features a +20dB booster to deliver high quality audio to your DSLR camera. It's the perfect solution for the budget conscious user who simply needs a better camera-mounted shotgun microphone.

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