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    The Azden i-Coustics® HX-Mi TRRS Mic/Headphone Cable is designed to make your Azden microphone compatible with your mobile devices. Just plug your Azden microphone into the HX-Mi mic input and attach the cable to the microphone/headphone jack of your device. Plug your headphones into the headphone input of the HX-Mi to listen to your recordings. The HX-Mi and other Azden i-Coustics® products adhere to the CTIA/AHJ headset wiring standard, which has been adopted by most brands of mobile devices sold in the U.S. This includes current iPhone® and iPad® models, Samsung Galaxy S® and Tab®, as well as most other Android™ devices. A list of compatible devices can be found here. You can use this product in conjunction with most available recording apps.

    Compatible Azden products are any wireless microphones or video microphones with 3.5 mm microphone outputs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following popular models: WLX-PRO, WMS-PRO, PRO-XD, 310LT, SGM-990, SMX-15.

    Note: Dual channel wireless systems, such as WDM-PRO or WDL-PRO, are not compatible unless you convert the output to mono before connecting to the HX-Mi. You can read this tutorial article for more details. Stereo microphones are not considered compatible with the HX-Mi because it can only accept a mono signal.

    The headphones connected to the HX-Mi typically work for playback of recordings and not to monitor the microphone while recording unless you use a recording app with the monitoring feature.

    In The Box
    • HX-Mi Cable
    • Instructions
    • Connector: 3.5mm mini-jack TRRS
    • Headphones output: 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Mic input: 3.5mm mono jack
    • Length: 6.5"

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    • Can I make my Azden microphone work with my smartphone/tablet?

      Any of Azden’s microphones with a 3.5mm mini-jack output can be made to work with a smartphone or tablet using the HX-Mi TRRS Mic/Headphone Cable. Compatible Azden microphones include EX-503, EX-503L, EX-505U, EX-50L, ECM-44, HS-9, HS-11, HS12, CM-20D, SGM-990, SMX-15 and SMX-30 (mono mode). Azden’s stereo microphones can work with the HX-Mi but only in mono, since mobile devices do not have stereo microphone inputs. These microphones include SMX-30 (stereo mode), SMX-10 and SMX-5. Also available is the SGM-990+i which comes complete with an adapter cable to make it compatible with mobile devices.

    • What is Azden i-Coustics®?

      i-Coustics® is a sub-brand of Azden products designed to work with smartphones and tablets. Learn more at www.azden.com/i-coustics.

    • What mobile devices are compatible with i-Coustics® products?

      Popular mobile devices such as the iPhone®, iPad®, Samsung Galaxy S®, Galaxy Tab® and most other Android™ devices are all compatible with i-Coustics® products. You can see a full list of compatible devices here.

    • I don’t see my device on the list of i-Coustics® Compatible Devices. Does that mean i-Coustics®

      Not necessarily. Any mobile device with a TRRS microphone/headphone jack will be compatible with i-Coustics™ products. An easy way to figure out if you’re device is compatible: check to see if the earbuds that came with your device have a microphone on them to allow you to make hands-free calls or video chat. If they do, then Azden’s i-Coustics® products will most likely work with your device. If your mobile device did not come with earbuds, check the owner’s manual and see if it has the capability to accept an external microphone. If it does, it is most likely incorporated into the headphone jack with the standard TRRS connection, which will work with i-Coustics™ products.

    • Can I make my Azden mixer work with my smartphone/tablet?

      Technically you can use an HX-Mi TRRS Mic/Headphone Cable to record to a mobile device with an Azden mixer. However, it is important to note that you will not be able to mix in stereo using this cable into a smartphone or tablet. For best results, on the FMX-42a/42u pan your mixer’s channels hard left. For the FMX-32a/22 make sure your channel’s pan switch is set to L (left). On the FMX-DSLR, you will be limited to using the MIC 1 input.

    • Can I make my Azden wireless system work with my smartphone/tablet?

      Yes. You can make your current single channel PRO, 105 or 310 Series system compatible with a mobile device by using the HX-Mi TRRS Mic/Headphone Cable. Technically, a dual-channel PRO Series or a 330 Series system will work too, BUT in order to use both channels you’ll need an additional adapter to sum the stereo output to mono. In this case, however, you will not have the 2 channels of the receiver separated on the left and right channels of your audio/video recording.

    • Will my Azden dual-channel wireless system record both channels using the HX-Mi cable?

      No. At least not with out using an additional adapter. If you connect the stereo output cable from your dual-channel receiver to the HX-Mi cable, you will be able to record audio using channel 1 only. This is because mobile devices, and thus the HX-Mi cable, only accept a mono microphone input. However, you can get around this by using a 3.5mm stereo female to 3.5mm mono male adapter between the stereo output cable and the HX-Mi. This will sum the 2 channels of the receiver to 1 mono signal.

    • Will my Azden stereo microphone record in stereo using the HX-Mi cable?

      No. Mobile devices, and thus the HX-Mi cable, only accept a mono microphone input. You can still record into your mobile device using a stereo microphone (SMX-20/10/5) and the HX-Mi cable but the recording will be mono.

    • What recording apps can I use with Azden i-Coustics® products?

      For video, the standard video recording app included with iOS and Android devices works seamlessly with i-Coustics® products. Most third party video recording apps should work just fine as well.

      For audio alone, just about any recording app should work when using i-Coustics® products. Here are some that we have tried and like. For iOS devices: Apple’s Voice Memos App, SoundCloud App and GarageBand. For Android devices: Smart Voice Recorder, HD Audio Recorder and the Soundcloud App.