• New and improved, the FMX-32a now uses the same circuit topology as the more expensive FMX-42 series mixers. With improved signal to noise ratio and wider frequency response the new FMX-32a is designed for the demanding needs of Professional Videographers. The small, all metal, battery operated (6-“AA”) mixer can be attached directly to the camera with supplied hook-and-loop fastener. The FMX-32a has the following features: 3 XLR microphone inputs, 3 input level controls, master level control, switchable phantom power and limiters for each input, channel panning switches (L-C-R), stereo XLR and mini outputs, 5-step LED array for easy signal monitoring, 12V DC input for external power (optional BC-27 power supply), and a 1/4″ monitor headphone jack with level control.

    In The Box
    • FMX-32a mixer
    • Manual
    • Frequency Response
    • Main and Unbalanced Output: 20-20,000Hz (+0/-.5dB)
    • Monitor Output: 50-17,000Hz (-3dB)

    • Noise Level
    • Left & Right Channel:-120dBu (A weighted, Input Equivalent Level)
    • T.H.D.: less than 0.005% @ 1KHz (+10dBu output)

    • MIC Input Level
    • LO -20 dBu Gain -6Db
    • HI -3dBu Gain +45Db

    • Monitor Output
    • 3.5mm Stereo: -4dBu (32 ohm load)
    • (Recommended load 16-100 ohms)

    • Maximum Output Level
    • Balanced Output: +20dBu (5K ohms)
    • Unbalanced Output (3.5mm) -19dBu (2K ohms)

      Battery Type/Duration
    • 6 – AA Alkaline – 15 hours

    • Current Drain
    • 47mA nominal (Phantom Power Off)
    • 100mA maximum (Phantom Power On)

    • Phantom Power
    • Voltage: 48VDC (+/- 4VDC)

    • Dimensions
    • Size: 53.5H x 170W x 120D mm (2.19 x 6.93 x 4.75 inches)
    • Weight w/o Battery: 26.45 ounces (750 grams)

    • 1.Mixers
    • Do Azden mixers provide phantom power?

      Yes, all of Azden’s FMX mixers have phantom power, switchable on & off for each channel.

    • What kind of outputs do Azden mixers provide, line level or microphone level?

      All of Azden’s mixers can output microphone level. With the FMX-42u and 42a you have the additional ability to output line level if needed.

    • How do I know which Azden mixer is right for me?

      First consider the kind of outputs you need for your camera. Azden’s FMX-42a, 42u, 32a and 22 have both XLR outputs and 3.5mm mini-jack stereo outputs at microphone level. Additionally, the FMX-42u and FMX-42a can also output line level. The FMX-DSLR outputs only a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for DSLR cameras. It is also compact and designed to mount underneath a DSLR camera. Lastly, the FMX-42u is the only Azden mixer with a digital USB output which you can use to record audio to a mobile device or a computer.

      Next, consider how many microphones you may need to record with at one time. The FMX-42u and FMX-42a offer 4 input channels, while the FMX-32a offers 3 and the FMX-22 and FMX-DSLR offer 2. And what kinds of microphones are you using? The FMX-42a, 42, 32a and 22 all take XLR inputs while the FMX-DSLR also accepts a 3.5mm mini jack microphone input.

      Another feature set to consider may be whether you need camera returns on your mixer to monitor audio directly from your camera. The FMX-42a and FMX-DSLR offer this feature.

      If all of this sounds like overkill to you, the CAM-3 mixer may be what you’re looking for. It takes only 3.5mm mini-jack inputs and could allow you to mix together 3 different microphone sources (2 mono, 1 stereo), like a WLX-PRO with an EX-413 and an SMX-10, for example. The CAM-3 outputs to a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack.

    • What’s the difference between the FMX-42u and FMX-42a?

      The FMX-42a provides a 10-pin camera return and a mini-jack camera return for monitoring audio from the camera. The FMX-42u lacks any return monitoring capability but has a stereo digital audio USB output for recording to mobile devices and computers. Aside from these unique features, the FMX-42a and FMX-42u are identical.

    • My Azden mixer is not working properly. Can you repair it?

      Yes we can. See the Service And Warranty page for details. We recommend you give a call first to see if we can troubleshoot your problem over the phone.

    • I lost my mixer’s power supply A/C adapter. Where can I buy a new one?

      The FMX-42a and 42 mixers use the BC-27H power supply and the FMX-32a and FMX-22 use the BC-27. You can find these items and more for sale on our website www.azdenproshop.com.

    • Can I make my Azden mixer work with a smartphone or tablet?

      We created the FMX-42u specifically for this purpose. It has a digital audio output via USB which can be connected to smartphones, tablets and computers. The required "USB mini-B male to USB A male" cable is not included and will need to be purchased separately. Special note: For recording to an iOS device, you'll need to purchase an Apple® Lightning™ to USB Camera Adapter cable in addition to a USB cable.


      For other mixers, technically you can use an HX-Mi TRRS Mic/Headphone Cable to record to a mobile device with an Azden mixer. However, it is important to note that you will not be able to mix in stereo using this cable into a smartphone or tablet. For best results, on the FMX-42a/42u pan your mixer’s channels hard left. For the FMX-32a/22 make sure your channel’s pan switch is set to L (left). On the FMX-DSLR, you will be limited to using the MIC 1 input.


    • Can I use rechargeable batteries with my Azden mixer?

      We recommend using standard alkaline batteries. We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries with any of our VHF and UHF wireless units, mixers or microphones. In general, rechargeables will not last as long as standard alkaline batteries.