Professional Shotgun Microphones

Professional Shotgun Microphones

Affectionately known in Japan as “Ni-Go-Maru” (Japanese for “250”), the Azden 250 Series is a collection of professional XLR shotgun microphones, each designed with a particular video application in mind.

The Ni-Go-Maru Series

delivers high-quality audio performance and world-class build quality at a very attractive price point.

All four models in the series have the same sonic characteristics: detailed and natural sound pickup with a full-range frequency response, low self-noise and a tight supercardioid polar pattern. And all 4 models are backed by Azden’s amazing 10-year warranty.

Professional-Grade Performance

Low noise and full range frequency response and a narrow supercardioid pickup pattern for professional dialogue capture.

World-Class Build Quality

Backed by 10-Year Warranty, each microphone is assembled by hand in Azden’s factory in Japan. This craftsmanship is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Series Versatility

The four models in the 250 Series are suited for a number of different applications, ranging from boom pole mounting to a variety of different on-camera mounting situations.


The models in the 250 Series fall in a very attainable price range from $199 to $299 (in the US).

Sonic Consistency

While each model has unique physical characteristics, users can expect the same superb sound quality that is constant across the board. When you hear it, you'll know it's a 250.

Natural Sound

Notable in the industry for their natural, professional sound, users can expect all of the 250 Series microphones to accurately record the sound of their scenes without artificial coloration.

Meet the Microphones


SGM-250 microphone

MAP: $249.00

Professional Dual-Powered Shotgun Microphone

Designed to be a flexible work-horse for the modern video creator. Record detailed, natural sound with the versatility of dual-power. Run off phantom or a AA battery without sacrificing on performance.


SGM-250P microphone

MAP: $229.00

Professional Shotgun Microphone

Delivers awesome sound at an amazing value. For those that don’t need a battery option, record the same detailed and natural sound as the SGM-250 while saving a little money. And at just 3 ounces (half the weight of the 250), the 250P is a lightweight option that’s ideal for handheld boom applications.


SGM-250CX microphone

MAP: $199.00

Professional Compact Cine Mic

The perfect on-camera microphone for filmmakers. Measuring just six inches long and equipped with an attached cable and XLR connector, the SGM-250CX is a convenient choice for mounting on today’s cinema cameras. And it features the same focused pickup pattern and high-sensitivity microphone element as Azden’s other 250 Series shotgun mics.



MAP: $199.00

Professional Compact Cine Mic w/ Mini-XLR

The perfect microphone for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, and now the Canon EOS C70 camera. The attached cable and Mini XLR connector let you take advantage of the higher-quality Mini XLR microphone input. And it features the same focused pickup pattern and high-sensitivity microphone element as Azden’s other 250 Series shotgun mics.


MAP: $299.00

Professional Hypercardioid Shotgun Mic

Pick up more of the sound you want, and less of what you don’t! The SGM-250H is the latest addition to Azden’s Ni-Go-Maru Series of Professional Shotgun Microphones. Equipped with a hypercardioid microphone element and a 50% longer interference tube, this model is designed to hyperfocus on your sound target.

Compared to the rest of the Ni-Go-Maru Series, which use a supercardioid element, the more directional hypercardioid SGM-250H does an even better job of rejecting extraneous noise from the surrounding environment, and is more sensitive to sound coming from directly in front of the microphone.

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Comparison Chart

Retail Price$299.00$249.00$229.00$199.00$199.00
Frequency Response20 Hz - 20 kHz20 Hz - 20 kHz20 Hz - 20 kHz20 Hz - 20 kHz20 Hz - 20 kHz
Polar PatternHypercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioid
Sensitivity-35 dB-38 dB-38 dB-33 dB-33 dB
Impedance100 Ω120 Ω120 Ω100 Ω100 Ω
Low Cut Filter75 Hz / 3 dB per Octave160 Hz / 3 dB per Octave160 Hz / 3 dB per OctaveN/AN/A
Phantom Power48 V48 V48 V48 V48 V
Battery OptionN/A1 x AAN/AN/AN/A
LED Power
Length9.8" (250 mm)9.8" (250 mm)7.9" (200 mm)6" (153 mm)6" (153 mm)
Diameter0.83" (21 mm)0.83" (21 mm)0.83" (21 mm)0.83" (21 mm)0.83" (21 mm)
Weight3.9 oz5.7 oz3.2 oz3.0 oz3.0 oz
Output3-pin XLR3-pin XLR3-pin XLR3-pin XLR3-pin Mini XLR

Polar Pattern

Frequency Response