DSLR Video Shooter Reviews The SMX-30 and SMX-15 Microphones

DSLR Video Shooter Reviews The SMX-30 and SMX-15 Microphones

Recently, Caleb Pike reviewed our SMX-30 and SMX-15 video microphones on his YouTube channel, DSLR Video Shooter. In the video, Caleb gives a good all around explanation of when to use stereo vs. mono, does a thorough overview of the microphones’ features, and lastly does an audio comparison test between the SMX-30 and the Rode VideoMic Pro.

After getting the chance to test out the Azden microphones, Caleb seems to be fairly impressed. He had this to say:

“I never was really a huge fan of the low end or lower frequencies of (the VideoMic Pro). It always sounded really muffled and too bassy…”
“I slightly prefer the sound of (the SMX-30) over the Rode.”

Seems like the SMX-30 and SMX-15 faired pretty well in this showdown. Check out the video and see for yourself.

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