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YouTube Review: Curtis Judd Tests New SGM-3500 Series Microphones

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Curtis Judd from recently posted a video review of the new Azden SGM-3500 and SGM-3500L shotgun microphones. Curtis is well-known for his meticulous product reviews, and this video is no exception as he puts our two latest shotgun mics through a battery of tests. How do the SGM-3500 series mics hold up? Excellently if you ask us, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the video for yourself, below.
Curtis had this to say about the mics:

“Very nice job to Azden for definitely stepping things up, producing a better sounding microphone, producing a microphone with a more focused polar pattern that can work really really nicely for isolating the sound you want when you’re working outdoors.”

The SGM-3500 and SGM-3500L are Azden’s new flagship shotgun microphones. Both models offer broadcast spec quality, with ultra-low self-noise, high sensitivity and natural frequency response. The main difference between the models is the SGM-3500 has a supercardioid pickup pattern, while the SGM-3500L is longer and has a more focused hypercardioid polar pattern. Both models also have the same all brass metal construction and come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty (requires registration).

Watch the full video below.