SWS-EX1 Furry Windshield For Lavalier Microphones



  • Faux fur material protects against wind noise
  • Adjustable elastic opening
  • Elastic loop for tightening
  • Fits all Azden lavalier microphones
  • Designed to go over stock foam windscreen, for max protection


The SWS-EX1 provides extra protection against wind noise in outdoor environments. Designed to fit all Azden brand lavalier microphones and be used on-top-of the lav mic’s stock foam windshield.

How To Attach Windshield Slide

The metal ring at the base of the elastic loop away from the windshield to loosen. Gently stretch the bottom opening of the windshield and slip it over the head of the lav mic. Depending on the model, the fit may be a little loose; this is ok and will still protect against wind. Pull on the elastic loop to tighten the fit, and slide the metal ring forward to fasten.