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Low noise, full-range frequency response, natural sound

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* Not all Azden products are eligible for a 10 year warranty. See details.

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Shotgun Microphones

Ni-Go-Maru (250) Series

Affectionately known in Japan as “Ni-Go-Maru” (Japanese for “250”), the Azden 250 Series is a collection of professional XLR shotgun microphones, each designed with a particular video application in mind.

Ni-Go-Maru Microphones

Professional-Grade Performance

Low noise and full range frequency response and a narrow pickup pattern for professional dialogue capture.

World-Class Build Quality

Each microphone is assembled by hand in Azden’s factory in Japan and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Series Versatility

Suited for a number of different applications, ranging from boom pole mounting to a variety of different on-camera mounting situations.


The models in the 250 Series fall in a very attainable price range from $199 to $299 (in the US).

Sonic Consistency

Users can expect the same superb sound quality and side-noise rejection across the board.

Natural Sound

The 250 series microphones have become notable in the industry for their natural, professional sound.

Mic Models

3500 Series Broadcast Spec Microphones

SGM-3500 & SGM-3500L

With the SGM-3500 Series, Azden set out to create a pair of shotgun microphones that produces broadcast-quality sound at a price that even non-professionals can afford. Constructed to Azden’s highest standards, each individual microphone is expertly handcrafted in Japan and tested to assure its performance. 

These two microphones go toe-to-toe with the widely accepted industry standard mic, the Sennheiser MKH-416, delivering an incredibly similar sound quality but at about half the cost.

Mic Models
SGM-3500 Shotgun Microphone

Broadcast Spec Shotgun Microphone


SGM-3500L Broadcast Spec Shotgun Microphone



Microphones for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Azden's SMX Microphone Series offers great solutions for on-camera audio.

Azden’s SMX Series offer 3 unique microphones that are designed to mount on top of handheld DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Their design uses the same microphone element as the Ni-Go-Maru (250) Series XLR shotgun mics, bringing the same professional-level sound to a battery-powered, mini-plug format.

The SMX-15 is the most affordable of the bunch and serves the role of the quintessential on-camera shotgun microphone. The SMX-30 and SMX-30V models offer many of the same features but each with their unique twists by incorporating a stereo mic.

Totally unrivaled in the market, the SMX-30 and SMX-30V offer a 2-in-1 mic solution, allowing the user to switch between, or even mix together, audio from a stereo mic or a shotgun mic.



The world’s only stereo/mono MIXABLE video microphone. A unique design that combines a stereo microphone, shotgun microphone and a mixing dial allows the operator to use choose from using 100% of the stereo microphone, 100% of the mono-shotgun microphone, or any mix in between.

Recording a dialogue scene but want to incorporate some of the environment’s ambience? Mix in a little of the stereo microphone. Recording a musical performance but want to tighten up the center stereo image? Mix in some audio from the mono-shotgun microphone. The possibilities are endless! 

SMX-30 Microphone



Stereo/Mono SWITCHABLE Video Microphone. A two-in-one microphone design with a stereo mic, shotgun mic and the ability to switch between the two on the fly.

SMX-15 Microphone



Powered Shotgun Video Microphone. Not everyone needs a stereo mic, and this model is the quintessential on-camera shotgun mic for capturing dialogue.


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