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Azden Announces New SGM-250CX Professional Compact Cine Shotgun Microphone

Mount Arlington, NJ – Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The SGM-250CX is a short length, condenser shotgun microphone that is ideal for mounting on
compact digital Cinema Cameras, as well as Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras equipped with
XLR adapters. At only 6 inches in length, the SGM-250CX is the perfect length to stay out of the
way, but long enough to offer excellent rear and side sound rejection. The highly sensitive
microphone element runs on 48 V phantom power and comes with a hardwired, (13”) XLR cable
that provides convenient connection to camera.

The SGM-250CX fits perfectly in most ring-clamp style microphone mounts and also includes
Azden’s newly designed SMH-X shock mount which mounts to standard size camera shoe
slots, as well as ¼”- 20 threaded mounts and tripods.

The SGM-250 microphone series has become notable in the industry for its natural and
professional sound. Specifically tuned to preserve the natural qualities of a speaking subject,
you can expect the SGM-250CX to accurately record the sound of your scene, without the
unnatural heavy bass response of our competitors.

You can rely on the SGM-250CX for great reference audio, but it’s capable of more than that. Its
low noise, and wide frequency response means it can capture audio good enough for the final
cut. Whether you run and gun, mount to a pistol grip or a boom pole, the SGM-250CX can be
your go-to microphone for great dialogue capture. Hand crafted in Japan the SGM-250CX is
in stock and backed by Azden’s 10 year warranty. Suggested retail price of $250.00.

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