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Azden Releases Their First Portable Mixer With Digital USB Output

Portable Mixer with USB Output

Mount Arlington, NJ Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The NEW FMX-42u is the replacement for the highly regarded and successful FMX-42 mixer. Now with a feature set that includes an on-board A to D converter, the FMX-42u sports both digital mini USB out and analog XLR outputs. Simultaneous use of both outputs allows the analog signal to be sent to the camera while a back-up digital signal can be sent to a smartphone or tablet. Of course all the great features and sound quality that made the FMX-42 such a standout performer are still included like: Precision quality, peak VU meters, 4 inputs, each with 3 input gain settings and selectable phantom power. Each input has its own level control with pan function, switchable low cut filter and limiter. Outputs include digital mini USB, analog dual XLR’s and stereo 3.5mm for DSLR users. With its wide band frequency response, and low noise levels the FMX-42u has broadcast sound quality that television, film and video professionals can count on. Additional features include a headphone output with level control and ballistic nylon carrying case with neck strap. The FMX-42u can be powered by 6 AA batteries for up to 15 hours or with the optional BC-27H power supply. Hand crafted in Japan, the FMX-42u comes with a 2 year warranty and has a suggested retail price of $780.00.