Azden Releases Lapel Mic Compatible With Smartphones And Tablets

Azden Releases Lapel Mic Compatible With Smartphones And Tablets

Azden® i-COUSTICS™ NEW EX-503i Studio Pro Lapel Microphone
Mount Arlington, NJ
Friday, March 21, 2014

The New Azden® i-COUSTICS™ EX-503i is designed to give you studio quality sound with your smartphone or tablet. Just plug it into the microphone jack for clean, crisp audio. The 503i is designed to work with any mobile device with a TRRS jack, including iPhone® 3/4/5, iPad® (3rd generation and newer), Samsung Galaxy S® 3 and 4, Galaxy Tab® 3 and most Android™ devices. Compatible with most of the available recording apps, the EX-503i will greatly improve the quality of your audio. Available for immediate delivery the EX-503i retails for $50. Click here for more product information.

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PRO-XR 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone

eXtremely Robust. eXremely Reliable.

Avoids the line-of-sight dependency and congestion problems that plague traditional 2.4 GHz wireless, resulting in an extremely reliable wireless microphone.

Azden’s office is closed until further notice but orders are still shipping. Customer support is still available by email. Click Here to read Azden’s latest COVID-19 update.