Studio Daily Reviews The SGM-250 Shotgun Microphone

Studio Daily Reviews The SGM-250 Shotgun Microphone

Studio Daily recently posted a great write up on the SGM-250 Professional Dual Powered Shotgun Microphone. The author, Marc, put the microphone through its paces on a few jobs and talked about its performance.

“The voice of the older interviewee was not very strong,” Marc explains about a documentary shoot he was on, “but the SGM-250 did pick it up, and in post I made it louder to equal the lav. Normally when you do this with a shotgun microphone you need to do noise reduction, as the volume increase also boosts noise. Not here, though. The SGM-250 didn’t pick up any of the normal noises you generally hear when boosting volume.”

The SGM-250’s low-cut filter came to the rescue on a hot day in Phoenix for his nephew’s Bar Mitzvah service: “The synagogue, of course, had the air conditioner going full blast. I stood about seven feet away from where he was doing his reading and it was as if he was wearing a lav microphone. Not only was it very clear, but the low-cut switch made the AC noise very faint.”

Overall the author concludes, “The Azden SGM-250 is a great microphone…It has become my go-to shotgun mic.”


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