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Videomaker Reviews the Azden FMX-42u Portable Mixer

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Videomaker recently posted a very in-depth review article on the Azden FMX-42u mixer on their website. The article will also appear in the April 2016 of Videomaker Magazine. They had many nice things to say about our 4-channel mixer with digital USB out. Aside from going over all the features, they put it through some tests and find it incredibly easy to use.

Azden’s FMX-42u portable mixer offers a more-than-adequate solution for capturing audio with an added layer of flexibility.

DSLRs are famous for their excellent image quality and fabulously shallow depth of field and, at the same time, notorious for their poor audio quality. A common solution is to set up and record to a portable audio recorder, such as the Zoom H6. Record directly to the device mics or plug in your favorite shotgun microphone via XLR cable and you’re good to go.

Another great option is the portable audio mixer. These devices come in many flavors, offering from 2 to 8 input channels with loads of onboard tweaks available to get your audio just right. The FMX-42u by Azden is a 4-channel mixer with not only two 3-pin XLR outputs but also a USB port, allowing you to record to a number of USB compatible devices.

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